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VanderCook MECA 2017
Materials & Links


Building Fundamentally Sound Musicians in Middle School Band

The Eddie Green Sound! - Appalachian Spring
The Beginning Band Sound
Sample Fundamental Exercise - Advanced Band
Sample Fundamental Exercise - Beginning Band

I've Got My Eye on You - Blog Post



Teaching Students to Practice For Success


Excerpt from The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle
How to Practice EffectivelyTedEd Video

Keep Moving Forward Clip

Practice Workbook pdf

Practice Webquest by Chris Grifa


Care and Feeding of the Middle School Band Student

CASEL Website - Additional info on Social and Emotional Learning






Finding the Perfect Fit:  Organizing Your Recruitment and The Instrument Fitting Process

Instrument Fitting Video

Parent Meeting Prezi

Download Recruitment Documents on my "Materials" Page

NAMM Foundation Recruitment Resources

Media Recommendations


Music Theory

Create your own Kahoot
Be Part of the Music

Music Parents Guide

Band Directors Talk Shop
Beginning Band Boot Camp
Sightreading Factory


Tonal Energy Tuner
Bandmate Chromatic Tuner


On Teaching Band:  Notes from Eddie Green by Mary Ellen
Tuning for Wind Instruments by Shelley Jagow
The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

The Complete Instrument Reference Guide for Band Directors
     by Williams, King and Logozzo
Pathways by Joseph Alsobrook

Practice Perfect by Doug Lemov

Mindsets in the Classroom by Mary Cay Ricci
Teaching Music Through Performance in Middle School Band      (chapter 4 on Recruitment)


Intermediate Measures of Music Audiation (IMMA) Software
     by Edwin Gordon


The Instrumentalist Magazine (Wendy's articles in February & March 2016) - you must be a subscriber to access articles online


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