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Recruitment Materials

Looking for help organizing your beginning band recruitment process?  Look no further.  All the materials you will need to get started can be found below! 


NEW Wind Instrument Fitting Form
Updated, simplified and now fits on a single page!
Tips and Tricks for Instrument Fittings
Make your instrument fittings work for the students and for YOU with these helpful tips.
Recruitment Checklist

Keep your recruitment organized and never forget another task again!

Instrument Fitting Form
(Woodwind & Brass) - detailed


Use this form as you complete fittings to keep track of how well suited the student was for each instrument tried. This form is two-sided. 

Instrument Fitting Form (Percussion)


Use this form to assess potential percussion students. 

Sign-Out Form


I print this form on card stock and cut two per sheet.  At the end of the instrument fitting appointment, the sign-out form gives the student an opportunity to let me know their instrument preferences.  I will use this information along with the notes taken on the Instrument Fitting Form to make an instrument recommendation.   

Recommendation Letter


I send this letter to notify parents about their child's instrument recommendation.  I also include a "Fact Sheet" with answers to a variety of questions that parents frequently have about the program.  Download this document and edit to fit your own needs. 

Recommendation Letter and Fact Sheet.docx

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