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Teaching Materials & Resources

Teaching materials and other original resources found on "On and Off the Podium"  may be printed and reproduced solely for non-commercial, K-12 classroom usage or for use in the preparation and/ or continuing education of music educators.  Reproduction for any commercial purposes is prohibited without written permission from the author. 

Posters for Your Band Room

Just click, print and hang!  Get them here.  Oh, and did I mention, FREE


Beginning Band Recruitment Materials

Over the years, I have continually refined my recruitment process to make it more organized, streamlined and effective.  I firmly believe that getting kids on the "right" instrument-- one they love AND can be successful playing-- will jumpstart their musical achievement.  A few of my "tried and true" documents, letters and forms can be found by clicking the link to the right. 

Super Seating Chart

You'll have to download the free Open Office software to make this one work, but it's totally worth it!  Here are just a few of the things you can do with this seating chart.  Read below and then click on the image to the right to link to my download template in Dropbox. 

  • Each circle is a text box! Type the student's name in the circle.  Then click and drag the circle any time you want to rearrange the seats.  When the students come to class, project the seating chart on the screen (or print it out and hang it up) and the students can go right to their new spots.

  • You can select the color you want for any item.  Color-code the circles by instrument, grade level or anything else that helps you stay organized.  

  • Replace the "X" shapes (which designate music stands) with a number and students can quickly and easily see their folder assignments.

  • Use the various shapes available in the software to designate the placement of percussion instruments or other features of the room.

  • Export your chart as a pdf file to send to contest hosts or others who need your set-up.

Many thanks to my colleague and office mate, Becky, who had the original idea to make a seating chart in Open Office over 10 years ago!  We've come up with many clever ideas together over the years. It's awesome to have a creative colleague who inspires you!

Practice:  A "How To" Guide and Workbook for Music Students

Want your students to play well and be prepared for rehearsal?  Then you have to teach them the proper way to practice, while helping them to set goals for ther progress.  This workbook guides the process and includes brainstorming activities, reflective questions and more to help monitor your students' learning. 

Rehearsal Detective

What do you do when a student forgets their instrument?  Keep them engaged as a "rehearsal detective" while they answer questions about what the band does during the class period.  This form has been used by band directors all over the country!

Student Self Assessment

I use this little form with my beginning band students before they have their first real playing test.  It's a great way to get students thinking about all aspects of their performance while involving the parents in the process.  I love reading the notes of encouragement that moms and dads write to their students on this form!

Did You Know?

Sometimes you need to let your administrators know about the great things you and your students are doing.  Its OK to brag once in a while, and it just might result in some increased support!  Here's a one page document to help you get started.

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