August 9, 2015

For the fifth and final post in this series, I will be focusing on my method for introducing articulation to beginning clarinetists.  (The process for saxophone is similar.)  While the previous posts discussed the first four lessons in chronological order, it is worth noting that I typically do not introduce articulation on day five.  In a typical year, introduction of articulation for my clarinet students would happen around the eighth or ninth lesson.

Here's why. . .

How many of us have started our young single reed students out in t...

July 29, 2015

It's Day Four of Beginning Clarinet Class!  Today, the students will be doing lots of review and continued development of skills learned in the previous three days as well as adding in a few new things. 

The students took their instruments home for the first time yesterday, so I am anxious to hear how things went.  I always start this particular lesson by asking a few questions. 

1.  How many of you played your clarinet at home yesterday?

2.  How many of you got better?

3.  Did anybody have anything happen in their practice time that the...

July 14, 2015

In June, I teach a three week summer band class for beginning students along with my colleagues.  We teach Summer Band as an entire district with teachers and students from all three middle schools coming together for the camp.  There are many benefits to this arrangement, but one of the things that I love most is that the directors, for the most part, get to teach their instrument specialties.  This arrangement makes for very detailed, specialized instruction for all the students who attend!  This summer, I taught two clarinet classes and a s...

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