Setting Your New Beginners Up For Success

In a week, I will be starting a new crop of beginning band students-- my 26th opportunity to share this most exciting and crucial time with a new group of musicians. If this group is like most of the others, they will come to their first day as nervous as they are excited. They will have questions that they are too afraid to ask, but a strong desire to please. Their success will be almost solely dependent on what I say and do in class over the coming months. These are, without question, the most important lessons I will plan during the entire school year, and it is essential that I get them right. If you are fortunate enough to teach beginning band, first, be grateful that you have the opp

Developing an Instrument and Equipment Replacement Plan

I'm a firm believer that school districts should provide necessary equipment for their school music programs and take care of repairing and replacing that equipment just as they would for any other school subject. Far too often, however, this is simply not the case. Many school districts do not have a formal plan in place for the replacement and repair of musical instruments and other equipment, and this can present many challenges as music directors work to provide a high quality educational experience for their students. When I arrived at my current district 17 years ago, there was no such plan in place. Today, I am happy to report that we have an generous annual repair budget and a pl

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