What's the Mood in Your Band Room?

My colleagues and I attended some district-wide professional development this past spring where we discussed the uniqueness of the adolescent learner. In discussing the emotional characteristics of this age group, we read that students revert most easily to the emotional state where they "spend" the most time. In other words, a student who is frequently angry becomes angered more readily. Conversely, those who tend to be happy a lot of the time slip into that emotion with more ease. So how can we apply this to the band room? How many of you have attended rehearsals where the kids were just so focused that is was hard to believe they were actually middle schoolers? What about rehearsals

I've Got My Eye On You!

Music is an aural art form. We all know that. We are trained to listen to our bands and provide instruction based on what we hear. So what do our eyes have to do with teaching music? Watching our students can give band directors, especially those who are responsible for setting the foundation with our youngest students, a great deal of information. What do you see when you look at your students' faces? Do you see tension? Are their embouchures natural looking? What about their hands? Are their fingers relaxed and gently curved? Now look at their bodies. Are students correctly balancing the weight of the instrument so bad habits don't have a chance to creep in? All of this informatio

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