How I'm Spending My Summer Break

Like many of you, I will be be keeping busy over the summer. I will be doing some teaching, attending workshops and staff retreats, performing on my instrument, and planning for the upcoming school year. But with summer comes a more relaxed schedule and a welcome break from things that drain time and energy during the school year like email, paperwork and constant demands from students, parents and administration. During the school year, there is never enough time. It's ten months of "survival mode," trying to keep my head above water and never getting enough crossed off my to do list. But once school is out and my mind has a chance to stop racing from one thing to the next, a wonderful t

Tending to a New Crop

In a week, I will be starting a new crop of beginning band students-- my 25th opportunity to share this most exciting and crucial time with a new group of musicians. If this group is like most of the others, they will come to their first day of beginning summer band as nervous as they are excited. They will have questions that they are too afraid to ask, but a strong desire to please. Their success will be almost solely dependent on what I say and do over the twelve hour-long sessions I will see them in the next three weeks. If I do my job well, they will be back in the band room in August ready for the year to come. These are, without question, the most important lessons I will plan dur

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